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Wen Quan


Hello, everyone! My name is Quan Wen. I came to Japan on October, 2015. Now I’ve been studied in TOUA for one year. TOUA is a very beautiful school. The teachers here are quite lovely and the students here are very humorous. I like shopping and watching movies with my friends after school. I’m enjoying my life very much. Learning Japanese let me to be confident. I want to learn more in the relaxed learning environment.



When I first came to Japan, I was very terrified. Everything is strange in the new country. But when I saw my teachers and classmates, I wasn’s afraid any more. The teacher took me to the super mareket and applied the train card for me. These details made me very moved. Then the teachers helped me to do most of the procedures. I made a lot of friends from all over the world less than a week after I came here. We always hold cooking competition in our dormitory and have fun with each other. Now I know that I was thinking too much at first.



My first impression toward TOUA in the first visit was good, full of laughter and it seemed endless. The relationship between instructors and students were like friend to each other. It made me feel relax and secure although it was the first study abroad of my life. Now I am a senior. I want to help my junior as much as possible. By the way, my goal is to study in graduate program in Japan.



The reason I came to Japan is I was falling in love with the Japanese culture because I used to come to Japan for vacation and experienced many things, but the one thing that was missing for me to enjoy my time in Japan was to be fluent in the Japanese language so I decided to live here and be a part of this beautiful country. I was not worried about living in japan because I am aware of the safey of this country and how much the Japanese people are polite and kind. Studying in this school, I hope I would accomplish my goal in mastering Japanese language and use it in my future in starting my own business that connects Japan and my country: United Arab Emirates specifically city of Dubai.



Hi, everyone! My name is DEJAN SUBOTA, I am from Croatia. I am 37 years old and moved to Japan in November 2014 with my family. Last year I worked in Midori clinic and Honda HEAT Rugby Football Club . but my japanese is not very good so for my work I need to improve my Japanese language skills. After many researches, TOUA Kokusai Japanese language school was my first choice. And I am very happy with my decision. Teachers are kind and good and my Japanese is indeed improving. Hope to see you in TOUA!


Sri Lanka

My name is MALSHA DINITHI. I’m from Sri Lanka. I came to Japan on October, 2015. I’m enjoying my life in Japan very much. But I feel that it is also difficult to live here as a international student. The thing impresses me most is that the rules are very strict in Japan. My teachers teach us the rules everyday in our school. If I go to work in a Japanese company in the future, I also should abey the rules of the company.

It is very hard to learn Japanese. I want to study well to enhance my Japanese ability. I will try my best to stay in Japan.


My name is Wang Tingting and I’m going to study at graduate school University of Tsukuba from this October. I’m grateful for sharing time with my study-mates at TOUA and my homeroom teacher, who was caring as if being a mother. I had good time in 2nd year to prepare for graduate school. My teachers are very supportive so they helped me a lot with, for example, connecting with university professors, writhing a research plan and practicing for interview test. They also returned tuition because I could enroll in the graduate school earlier than I expected, which was really helpful for me as a student studying abroad. I’d like to show my appreciation for them by keeping up with my good work.


Student in Aichi University of the Arts

My dream was to become a graphic designer. The reason for study abroad to Japan was to make my dream come true. Beautiful environment, tasty foods and most important aspects in Japan was the ideas that I can get from ordinary life. I was inspired a lot from them. I enjoyed class very much. Now I have much confidence about making my dream come true because of the great help I have gotten from instructors and seniors. I would like to thank you all.

Yingchao Lee

Student in Kyoto SeikaUniversity

Hello there, I liked Japanese cartoon and animation very much for a long time, then I made myself come to Japan and study Japanese in October, 2013. From bottom of my heart, I would like to thank teachers and facilities in Toua International Language School for your guidance and kindness. I passed the entrance examination for Kyoto Seika University in February, 2014 and graduated from the TILS. It’s not so easy living in Japan, but you can do anything if you don’t give up. Now I am in the second year of graduate school in Kyoto Seika University. I am studying hard to become a cartoonist. Hold on to your dream and keep study hard!!