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School peripheral

There are a lot of universities near our school, such as Tokyo Denki University, Tokyo International University, Shobi University, Josai University, Toyo University, Daito Bunka University. There are also a municipal library and a community center nearby where you can study. Sakado is a quiet town with convenient shopping malls and super markets.

01 It only takes 1 minute from the east exit of Tobu Tojo Line Kitasakado station to our school.
02 You can buy food and things in the convenience store named “MINI STOP” nearby. Also, you can pay the bill of water, electric, and gas there.
03 All the things are 100 Japanese yen in the 100 yen shop near the west exit. It’s very convenient.
04 When you are free, you can go to the Chinese rest to have meals.
05 Or you can go to the popular brand Fujiya to buy snacks.
06 Take a walk in Ashiyama park near school is also a good choice.
07 Otherwise, you can take the train to Sakado station and go to the starbucks.
08 There are a lot of electronic products in Yamada denki which is the most popular one in Japan.
09 There is a book store in the shopping center mami-mart where you can buy lots of things.



Our school is located in Sakado City of Saitama Prefecture near Tokyo. It only takes 15 minutes to get to Kawagoe City by train. Kawagoe City, known as the small Edo, attracts an average of 6.2 million tourists annually. It is very popular as a town where you can feel the custom and flavor of Edo.