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Ministry of Justice Immigration Bureau certificate our school for one of the 3% excellent schools.

Teaching feature

About 50 Japanese teachers who have years of teaching experience and experience of studying abroad, combined the traditional education in Japan and the teaching method abroad to realize the high quality, high practicality, high interest of teaching.

  • Reasonable placement system for classes.
  • One teacher-one student counseling. 100% enrollment rate.
  • Offer Japanese Language Proficiency Test intensive training course freely
  • Excellent scholarship system.
  • New teaching building and advanced teaching equipment.
  • Variety of events and extracurricular activities.
  • Give a support for finding employment


Overall life service

Multiple language support

We provide 6 languages service such as Japanese, Chinese, English, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Spanish for students. And we take students to do all the procedures (resident registration in city hall, national health insurance application, bank account opening, etc.) while taking care of students’ daily life (shopping, sick, hurt). We also do the guidance for part-time job and job hunting for students. Even new students who is not good at Japanese will not feel upset and no need to worry about anything.

School dormitory

There are school dormitories available within 15mimutes of walking distance

There are school dormitories available within 15mimutes of walking distance

There are a lot of universities near our school, such as Tokyo Denki University, Tokyo International University, Shobi University, Josai University, Toyo University, Daito Bunka University, it is a very good atmosphere for study and very canvienent for students to participate in various recruitment seminars.

Low cost of living

Low price and rent. Although it only takes 40 minutes to get to Ikebukuro, the rent and other consumption here is only 1/3~2/1 of Tokyo.

Help finding part-time job

Because our school located in the periphery of Tokyo, there are various part-time job opportunity and less competitive. Students could find a part-time job according to their Japanese level and their own situation. e.g. office work, convenience store, restaurant, food factory. By doing part-time job, students can not only reduce the burden of studying abroad, but also can learn about the society, which is very helpful to their advancement and employment in the future.