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Since we have launched our school and taken the first student, we are working together to focus on sending students to higher education fields. Because we made tremendous efforts for students to get their goal such as transferring schools and supporting their life in Japan, we proudly received an accreditation for appropriated school management from the Tokyo Immigration bureau.

In January 2014, we opened new school to received more students and we have 405 students in two building now. Students coming from about 20 countries are enjoy studying Japanese and Japanese culture in ideal environment.

Also, our student affairs department staffs put priority on making a good communication with students by listening to provide enough support so that the student feel secure living in Japan.


School History

2008 Established TOUA International Language School
2010 Acknowledged as an excellent school by Tokyo Immigration Bureau
2014 Expanded with the founding of TOUA Talent Training Association and Branch Building
2015 Changed the number of student capability to 405


Educational Policy


  • Training international talents to help them meet the social requirements
  • Training students to be independent individuals and achieve their goals
  • Maximizing the value of studying abroad


School Environment