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Outline of the school

TOUA International Language School is an excellent school accredited by the Tokyo Regional  Immigration Bureau of Japan Ministry of Justice. The number of currently enrolled students is 480 and are from over 20 different countries and region. We have a rich diversity and we are one of the biggest Japanese language schools in Saitama prefecture.

Based on the belief that fully supporting for our international students, our faculty have been encouraging students through Japanese language classes, advanced studies, employment guidance and daily life care since at the day we began accepting international students. We pursue high-quality support which inspires each student to find the true value of studying in Japan.


School History

2008 Established TOUA International Language School
2010 Acknowledged as an excellent school by Tokyo Immigration Bureau
2014 Expanded with the founding of TOUA Talent Training Association and Branch Building
2015 Changed the number of student capability to 405


Our Educational Policy

  • To pursue educational philosophy of "Maximizing the Value of Studying Abroad"
  • Training voluntarily autonomous students who can play an active part in the globalized world

School Environment