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Our regular course begins four times a year (January, April, July and October), however there is an application period before each course so it is necessary to make enquiries and prepare application documents early.
Please click here for information about what documents are necessary for the regular course and Practical Japanese Course. However, content differs according to application conditions, so please consult with us for further information.
Documents needed for entry into the short-term course and the optional course are:
(1)Application Form
(2)Copy of passport
(3)Copy of registration card (for holders only)
(4)2 ID photos
We accept all students over the age of 15 to study with us.
Getting a student visa may take 4 to 5 months from the time of application. After submission of the official documents to the Immigration Bureau, it takes approximately two and a half months before the "Certificate of Eligibility" is issued. After the "Certificate of Eligibility" has been issued, a visa can be applied for at a Japanese embassy or consulate in your home country.
Please contact us directly. For more information about admission please click here.
About 80,000 Japanese Yen for 1 month.
These figures are the average amount. So please just use them as reference.
If you have a student visa, then, after receiving "Permission to Engage in Activities Outside the Scope of the Visa" from the Immigration Bureau, you will be eligible to work for up to 28 hours per week.
Students are divided into either Morning class or Afternoon class based on their results of placement test. Each has 3 hours a day.
Morning Class:9:00-12:15 (15 mins short break)
Afternoon Class:13:15-16:30 (15 mins short break)

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