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The students took part in an explanation about going on to a school of higher education after graduating from TOUA.
Everybody was really interested in the explanation and had also the chance to consult with students of the second year about their next step. It was a very good opportunity to get some information about different schools and their curriculums😊💬
Of course, your teacher will help you so please feel free to consult us😄
Let`s give it our best!💪






A new year began, so the students expirienced "Kakizome" in their classes for the first time. "Kakizome" can be translated as "the first calligraphy of the year" 😊👍
They were really exited in writing their favorite Japanese characters and words. Many students favored words like "Doryoku (effort)", "Kibou (hope)" and "Mirai (future)". 
They did a really good job, don't you think?😍





It`s time for volunteer work!
The students of TOUA went outside to clean up fallen leaves on nearby streets and parks 😊🍁
Some neighbors passing by thanked them and cheered for the students which increased their motivation! 
After work we took some group photos and the students enjoyed the colors of autumn in the parks 🍂
It impressed them so much that they even took a lot of photos to show their families at home.
Every student looked satisfied after the volunteer work. 
It was a good opportunity to do something for a local community, with gratitude.
You did an awesome job!!💪😊





The Sports Festival for the 1st year students took place.😊
It dizzled a bit but thanks to the passionate cheering of the students the teams gave each other a good fight. 
This year's theme was "Unite Hearts". It was all about teamwork.
The competitions were "big baton relay", "tug-of-war", "rope skipping" and "red and blue relay".
The teams were divided into the "Red Team"(morning classes) and the "Blue Team"(afternoon classes).
Everyone gave it their best and were having a lot of fun, not only fighting for victory with their friends,but also to cheer for each other.💪🎉
At the end the "Red Team" won and the best class, as well es the best two players were announced.
However today everybody was a winner and the most important thing is that you had some fun time with your friends.😆🏆
Everybody seemed to enjoy their first Japanese Style Sports Festival.
You all were awesome‼👍






Last Friday in October, the 1st year students had another fun event at the Ikaho Green Ranch in the Gunma Prefecture.
Main part was a BBQ with fresh vegetables and meat from the ranch prepared for every table. It was a very delicious BBQ. 
After cleaning up the tables the student had time to explore the facilities. Some classes were also practicing skipping for the sports day next week! Other students had a lot of fun with riding the horse-drawn carriage or watching the sheep and dog show. One of the students was even able to experience some part of a shepherd’s daily work. 
It was a really special day filled with warm laughter and everybody enjoyed it very much.