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On the last Friday in April (the era “Heisei”) the first- and second-year students went on a trip to the Hitachi Seaside Park in the Ibaraki Prefecture. This park is famous for the beautiful blue flower named Nemophila, but also for Tulip🌷 and other flowers🌼. The beauty of the flowers was really stunning, and the students couldn’t help themselves to take a lot of pictures for SNS and their family. They had a lot of fun despite the cold and cloudy weather😁
It was a good opportunity to deepen the bonds between students and teacher😍🌻















The orientation for the first year students took place.

Living in a different country with different culture is not easy😉👍 Therefore TOUA holds orientation classes for the new students to make it easier for them to get used to their new environment.
The students learned about important things like the Japanese law and manner, as well as about the school and classes rules✍
This was the first step into a new life in Japan😊

Get to know an other culture and language is very important in this global world so let`s give it our best!💪









A new school year began and 🌸the entrance ceremony🌸 for the April students 2019 took place.

Everyone is full of hope and expectations for their new life in Japan✨ 🇯🇵Even if the students are from different countries and have different expectations in their future they all have the same goal at TOUA: to study Japanese and Japanese culture!🎊🗻

For sure there will be a lot of fun time but also sometimes there will be troubles or worries. But you are not alone! Your teachers and new friends at TOUA are always there for you! You can always count on them😉👍

For the new start in a new environment the students got some encouraging messages from the head of TOUA international language school as well as from the second-year students. 
Excited about what will come next the ceremony was closed with an enthusiastic speech of the new student’s representative😊











It is getting warmer every day and the cherry blossoms are showing their buds. In Japan it is the season of farewell and new starts, the season of graduation.
Also, 🌸the graduation ceremony🌸 of TOUA took place.
The students were dressing up in suits and traditional costumes of their home country. They really looked gorgeous!✨ You could see how they grew in the past 2 years😭💓
First, representatives of each class went on the stage to get their diplomas. Further special awards like the “Effort Award”, “Attendance Award” were distributed. After some touching speeches of the students the graduation ceremony ended, and the farewell party started.👏🏵
Everybody had a lot of fun talking about the past times. To heat up the party some students prepared performances and expressed their deep gratitude to their teachers and classmates. With tears in everyone’s eyes an impressive farewell party came to an end. It is always sad to say goodbye, but this is a new beginning for everyone! Let’s keep on doing our best to fulfill our dreams in life! TOUA will always cheer for you!😍







The students of TOUA had their graduation trip to Fuji-Q Highland 🎡
With the beautiful Mt. Fuji 🗻behind them, the students had a lot of fun riding the roller coasters🎢 and skating on ice. They took a lot of photos together with their friends and teachers and made a lot of precious memories before graduating from TOUA. 
Everyone enjoyed the trip and the time they spend with their friends😁💕