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It is getting warmer every day and the cherry blossoms are showing their buds. In Japan it is the season of farewell and new starts, the season of graduation.
Also, 🌸the graduation ceremony🌸 of TOUA took place.
The students were dressing up in suits and traditional costumes of their home country. They really looked gorgeous!✨ You could see how they grew in the past 2 years😭💓
First, representatives of each class went on the stage to get their diplomas. Further special awards like the “Effort Award”, “Attendance Award” were distributed. After some touching speeches of the students the graduation ceremony ended, and the farewell party started.👏🏵
Everybody had a lot of fun talking about the past times. To heat up the party some students prepared performances and expressed their deep gratitude to their teachers and classmates. With tears in everyone’s eyes an impressive farewell party came to an end. It is always sad to say goodbye, but this is a new beginning for everyone! Let’s keep on doing our best to fulfill our dreams in life! TOUA will always cheer for you!😍