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Look at the beautiful Mt.Fuji and roller coasters!! We went on a School Trip to Fuji-Q Highland

The students woke up earlier than usual so they looked a bit sleepy on a bus in the morning, however, they got really excited to see many great attractions. They spent a fun time together with their friends. Though it was a very cold day, the trip became a precious memory for all of us





Everyone had a wonderful time on our 4th annual school event, the Cultural Festical. We really moved the by 2nd year students who performed actively on a big stage

We all recollected precious memories we've had at TOUA, school lives, classes and people. 2nd year students learned a lot here and we are proud of them

Well done, everyone! Thank you so much for your hard work












At our school, students have a lot of opportunities to experience Japanese culture. So this time they made their original New Year's Cards, with varaety of ideas, such as colorful illustration and beautiful handwriting messages 
The students had a fun time to experience Japanese seasonal event in the last class this year. 

Thank you very much for this year! Wish you have a wonderful next year

Class picture with their New Year's Cards and big smiles!

Writing very neatly on the card.

What do you want to write? Let's share ideas with the classmates.

 Nice illustrations! 2018 is a year of the dog🐶

One of the collections of the cards. We can see many beautiful ones

This special card is the only one in the world🌼

At the end of the year is the season to write “New Year`s Card” in Japan.🎍
The students also tried making their own original card👍
They decorated their card with cute illustrations like wild boar🐗, because 2019 is the year of the wild boar in Japan. They also wrote heartful massages to their friends or teachers on the card!
The students really surprised us with their artistic sense!!😍









On a beautiful autumn day, we held 2017 Sports Day for all 1st year students under the main theme: "Brighten Up Yourselves Together Now!" They actively participated in each competition and had a lot of fun together with their teammates.

There were 5 competitions: beanbag toss, tug-of-war, carrying box race, large jump rope and red&blue relay. The students were devided into two teams, red or blue, and cooperated with the classmates. They were very energetic on the ground, which gave us a new impression.

The winner was red team, and two students were chosen as VIP students of the day. All of them did a great job. Well done!

On opening ceremony, everyone listend carefully to the executive director.

Beanbag toss- Can you "shoot" just like a basketball?

Girls were enegetically participated in tag-of-war. Go everybody! 

Boys were super strong! They got excited a lot.

Cheer team also did a great job during each competition.

Team of carrying box race. Nice smile!

They've practiced for this day. Try your best to get the highest score!

The last competition was relay. The excitement was at its peak!

An annoucement of VIP class. We gave them a big hand.