Private lessons are offered on a one-to-one or group-to-group level, depending on the student’s wishes, such as Japanese level, learning purpose, and schedule.

Course description

Individuals can take classes on a 30-minute basis, rather than in class. It is targeted at students and individuals who do not have the same time in daytime and night classes, and can respond to requests from those who wish to take classes on a one-to-one or in a group of people they know.
Private lessons are offered according to the individual level of the student, so you can relax and study.


  1. Special lessons that can be arranged

    Private lessons are offered in one-on-one or individual groups according to the student’s wishes, such as Japanese level, learning purpose, and schedule. From one-on-one personal lessons to group lessons for companies, we offer Japanese language lessons at our school or by dispatching instructors.

  2. Custom-made according to the purpose of study and the level of Japanese

    In order to meet the needs of the students, we will have detailed meetings such as the text used and the class time before the start of the class.

  3. Wide range of support

    We provide a wide range of support, from daily Japanese to business Japanese and exam measures.

Recommended for such a person


  • Those who want to study according to their own convenience and pace
  • Those who want to improve their Japanese conversation skills intensively
  • Those who want to have fun studying 1 or with a small group of friends and family
  • Those who want to prepare for EJU, JLPT exams and job hunting
  • If you have just joined a Japanese company and are worried about Japanese
  • Those who want to improve their skills where they think they are not good at it


  • Companies that want to improve the Japanese language skills of foreign employees
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