The course is for those who come to Japan with a student visa and aim to go on to a Higher Education Institution (graduate school, university, or vocational school) in Japan.

Course description

This is a course where you can obtain a student visa, come to Japan, and study Japanese for a long period of time. The curriculum is ideal for those who wish to go on to higher education institutions (graduate schools, universities, and vocational schools) in Japan. This is a long-term course that not only enhances the four skills of “reading”, “listening”, “speaking”, and “writing”, but also can also be used for entrance examinations such as the EJU, the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLT), and the university. You can choose from four courses (periods) for study abroad.


  1. The enrollment time is four times a year.

    International students are entered four times a year in April, July, October, and January. The duration of the course varies depending on the semester.

  2. Support from faculty

    There is a homeroom teacher in the class, so if you have any problems with learning or living in school, you can consult with them at any time. In addition, the school has staff who can speak a variety of languages natively, so you can consult with confidence.

  3. Substantial career support

    When you enter the university, individual career interviews will begin with faculty members from the first year. After that, there are regular interviews, so you can receive detailed career guidance. In addition, if you wish to do so outside of regular interviews, you can apply for an interview with faculty and staff at any time. There are also teachers who specialize in career guidance at the school. In cooperation with our homeroom teacher, we will do our best to support both those who wish to go on to higher education and those who wish to get a job.

  4. Establishment of a cram school for university and graduate schools

    For those who want to go on to a difficult university, we have prepared a cram school plan separately from regular classes. Depending on the student’s desired course, there are plans such as EJU measures, JLPT measures, going on to university, and going on to graduate school, so it is possible to take classes efficiently.

  5. School events are substantial

    As part of off-campus study and as an opportunity for international exchange, The Toa International Institute of Foreign Languages offers a wealth of cultural experiences, school events, community exchanges, and extracurricular activities.


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