Secretary General Jieli Chen

Now that Asian countries are booming to study in Japan, it is important for students to set their own goals and take the right path. Japanese language schools are the first step in studying abroad, and it is important to establish a solid foundation. In addition to Japanese language education, we are also advisors to international students and serve as parents. Through each other’s efforts, students and faculty can create true value for studying in Japan by reducing economic and safety risks to the maximum and raising the quality of their study abroad lives.

Fuyuko Adachi

Toa has a wide range of ages and experiences, and there are various types of faculty and staff. What we all have in common is that we all think and act hard about our students all the time. I’m glad I came to Toa for international students! We will continue to create schools that will make people think that I’m looking forward to seeing you.

Atsushi Nakamura

The secret to improving your Japanese is to ask a lot of questions. I’m waiting not only for Japanese, but also for math and science questions. If you have any trouble, please talk to us about anything. Let’s use the teacher in a good sense and live a fun study abroad life!

Yoshiko Noguchi

When you learn something, you can have fun, as well as painful and difficult things. Still, if you keep learning, you will always get results. It is happy for me to be able to support students who continue to learn. I’m waiting for you in Japan.

Kumiko Kato

I experienced that studying abroad is a great opportunity to see a new world, so please take that step. We promise maximum support to you as you work towards your dreams. Let’s meet in Japan!

Makito sugiyama

You can study Japanese by one person. You can study in your own country. Then, why do you study at school in Japan? The answer is in TOUA (here). To learn Japanese, we use people, things, and society well. It is our job to help you with that.