We support each and every shining future with advice from experienced staff and employment support programs.
We provide a job-hunting support program for each person and provide counseling advice.
Recently, Japanese companies are increasingly hiring talented global human resources with specialized experts.
We will do our best to help you find the right company.

Job-hunting schedule and job-hunting support program

Employment Support Program Contents
Job-hunting seminars Preparing for Job Hunting Listen to the explanation of the preparation you need before you begin your job hunting in earnest.
About finding a job Based on your level and skills, you will be asked to explain how to find companies that can apply and how to hire and treat Japanese companies.
About the application We listen to explanations about the process from approach to job openings to application, selection, and recruitment, and practice self-analysis and self-appeal, as well as writing resumes and career resumes.
About the interview After you have learned the manners necessary for interviews, etc., you will practice in a mock interview.
Introduction of the company
(Services by partner companies)
Individual interviews After receiving individual interviews and self-analysis, we select the industries you want, create resumes and resumes, and prepare entries.
Matching with Job Openings We will interview you to introduce and match job companies. We will explain how to apply to a company that meets your requirements and help you with your paperwork.
Selection Follow-up We will practice interviewing and self-pr for the selection exam.
Application for change of status of residence After the job offer, we will help you to apply for a change of status of residence.

Employment results

  • Toyota Mobility Tokyo Co., Ltd.
  • Toyota Corolla Shin-Saitama Co., Ltd.
  • Honda Cars Saitama Co., Ltd.
  • Asahiraku Motors Co., Ltd.
  • Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Co., Ltd.
  • Sirs Co., Ltd.
  • Togasiya Delica Co., Ltd.
  • Housecom Co., Ltd.
  • Kobe Gomargo Co., Ltd.