High-quality learning environment

100% of students go on to prestigious universities and vocational schools

We have a reputation for going on to famous universities and vocational schools, and we are proud of our 100% rate of going on to higher education every year. From career counseling, papers, research plans, interview preparations, etc., faculty members are responsible for providing detailed guidance, creating an environment where international students can study with peace of mind.

Through collaboration with group companies
Strong job-hunting support

In addition to classes for the purpose of going on to higher education, we also provide business Japanese classes. With an experienced employment guidance instructor, students acquire the knowledge and business manners necessary to find employment at a Japanese company, while at the same time developing useful responses and conversational skills in the business scene. In addition, in cooperation with the highly skilled human resources employment support company operated by our group, we can provide a wealth of job offers to excellent students at any time.

Tailored to each student
Detailed guidance

Approximately 50 experienced Japanese language teachers provide support from various aspects, based on their learning goals and progress, through measures such as the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and the EJU, effective Japanese language guidance, and preparation for further education examinations. In addition, we conduct class change tests once every three months to ensure that students can study efficiently in classes that meet their level.

An international learning environment and
State-of-the-art school facilities

Nearby are Tokyo Denki University, Tokyo International University, Shomi Gakuen University, Josai University, Toyo University, Daito Bunka University, Municipal Library and Community Center, etc. Our two school buildings meet earthquake resistance standards. The latest ICT facilities such as electronic blackboards, large monitors, PCs and projectors in each classroom enhance learning efficiency.

A fulfilling study abroad life

Available in 8 languages
Generous support

There are office and life guidance professionals in multilingual support (Japanese, English, Chinese, German, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Mongolian, etc.), and we provide firm support such as insurance and bank account opening procedures from the time of admission. In addition to learning, we do our best to support you not only in administrative procedures such as visa renewal, but also in life counseling such as illness or injury.

Cultural presentations, sports events, etc.
Holding a wealth of events

In addition to daily classes, we hold various events such as cultural festivals, athletic events, speech contests, school trips, yukata events, and Tanabata festivals so that students and teachers who study together can interact with each other, experience Japanese culture, and get to know Japan more deeply.

Exchange with neighboring universities
Coexistence with local communities

In addition to holding cultural presentations and athletic events using public facilities and playgrounds, we offer a wealth of events where students can experience Japanese culture while having fun working with each other outside the university, such as extracurricular activities and graduation trips. In addition, we regularly conduct community cleanup volunteer activities, exchanges with neighboring universities, and visits to nursing homes, and strive to live in harmony through opportunities for exchanges with neighbors and local communities.

Low cost of living
Safe and convenient student dormitories

Just 40 minutes from Tokyo Ikebukuro, you can experience the international city of Tokyo with good access to Ginza, Shinjuku, Shibuya and Akihabara. The dormitory is within walking distance of the school, and the rent is less than half that of central Tokyo. The basic room floor plan is 1K with loft with separate kitchen and toilet. It is equipped with necessary furniture and daily necessities, and you can move in from the day of entry. There are many shopping streets and shopping centers, and it is very convenient in terms of daily life.